2022 Fall Makeup Trends: We’ve Got It Covered

2022 Fall Makeup Tips Guide

Doing your make up in the summer can be quite annoying: Your skin gets hot and sweaty, which means your foundation or mascara might run or smudge. If the changing weather has you wanting to play with some fall beauty looks, you’re in luck! Let’s examine with together: 2022 Fall Makeup Trends

For this season, the trend is to mix up your beauty routine by trying out new things, whether that means ditches your classic eyeliner look for smudged liners, adds some crystals to your eyeshadow palette, or swaps your tinted lip glosses for bolder stains. Whatever makeup trends you want to see this fall, there are several options sure to get you inspired and to help you create your own look.

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  1. Pastel Eyes and Red Lips
  2. Blurred Lips
  3. Vinyl Lips
  4. Brighter Lips
  5. Goth Lipstick
  6. Nude, Glossy Lips
  7. Gemstone Eyes
  8. Blue Eye Makeup
  9. White Eyeliner
  10. The Thin Eyebrow Revival
  11. The Kitten Eyeliner Technique
  12. Statement Eyes
  13. Smoky Eyes
  14. Bold Blush
  15. Cream Blush
  16. Terracotta Blush
  17. The Clean Makeup Aesthetic

Pastel Eyes and Red Lips

The combination of glowing skin, a matte purple eyeshadow, and bright red lips even proved to be amazing on the runways for Blumarine fall 2022. Aptly named “Warmth”, these colors will inspire you to stay warm inside and outside! To try them out, check out the Winky Lux Galaxy Kitten Eyeshadow Palette | Classic grey collection with Matte & Shimmer Finishes | Perfect for a Natural to Smoky Glam Look and the TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer 1.01 fl.oz – Pore Minimizing, Sebum and Shine Control – Pore Filler Blurring Primer Before Makeup – Hydrates & Smooths Skin – With Collagen and Green Tea Extracts. Even if you’re not wearing a particular shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, just pair the right face primer with it!


Blurred Lips

Bold matte lips will forever be trendy, but sometimes we want something a bit less intense. Blurred lips offer just enough color without leaving a strong impression behind. It is a good tip for 2022 Fall Makeup Trends.

As far as I know, the “summer sunbursted blush” trend has been going strong since last year. So if you want to look fresh and dewy without having to worry about makeup looking heavy, here’s an idea: use a sheer pink lipstick, then add some color by applying a darker shade of pink on top.

Get the Look: Ere Perez – Natural Beetroot Lip + Cheek Tint | Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean Beauty (Joy), Kiss-Proof, This Long-Lasting Stain Is Designed To Keep You Looking Fresh + Fun For Hours and Using The Natural Power Of Beetroot Extract, Our Cheek + Lip Tint Hydrates + Nourishes Your Skin With Powerful Antioxidants Whilst Doing An Impeccable Job Of Adding Colour.


Vinyl Lips

Think lip gloss so glossy, you can actually look at yourself in them. Lip gloss really brings out your natural beauty, making it easy to match your personal style to whatever event you’re going to.

First, there was an experimental metallic lipstick called “Megan Fox” followed by a softer version.

Get the look: Using Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick, Red-Hot, Fire Engine Red, 0.1400 oz and Find the perfect matte lipstick and matching lip liner, collect each of our exclusive lip gloss shades, or treat your lips to balms that heal, protect, and beautify.


Brighter Lips

Williamson says that statement lipstick has officially returned. No wonder why so many celebs have been wearing them lately! They look good on just about anyone, from Kate Upton to Taylor Swift. And they look even better when paired with nude nails and a cat eye. This is a good tip for 2022 Fall Makeup Trends.


Goth Lipstick

Sure, it can seem a little scary at first, but believe us, it’s a risk that can most definitely pay off. Paired with crisp, contemporary pieces, nearly black lipstick can look impossibly chic, not to mention so freaking cool! Look for a gloss formula that’s a bit on the sheer side for a more wearable take on the trend.


Nude, Glossy Lips

For this season, nude lips are going to be big. Lip liners slightly above your natural lip line will help create an illusion of fullness.

Get the Look: Using NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss, Non-Sticky Lip Gloss – Praline (Deep Nude) and Doll your lips in plush, creamy, perfection; Try our complete line of lip products including lipstick, lip gloss, lip cream, lip liner and butter gloss.


Gemstone Eyes

Despite the fact that there won’t be any new seasons of Euphoria coming out this fall, we’re still obsessed with the makeup trends from season one. Case in point: Crystal decals are still as popular as they were last summer.

Before making your final decisions on where to place your applique, use liquid eyeliner to draw out an outline of your design. It makes lining up the rest of the pieces faster and easier. We recommend LA PURE Waterproof Eyeliner Stamp – 2 Wingliner Black Make Up Pens, Vamp Style Wing, Smudgeproof & Sweatproof, Perfect Cat Eye Look, Winged Long Lasting Liquid Eye Liner Pen, Eyeshadow, No Dipping… because they last all day (and night) without smudging. 


Blue Eye Makeup

Blue eye shadow has not yet lost its place in fashion. It’s still having its revival. But the retro look isn’t limited to just baby blue anymore. Blue will be included in every shade of blue, but it may not always be represented by one color alone. Use teal for the inner corner of your eyes, and use blue for your wing tips instead of black. There aren’t any limits when it comes to colors.


White Eyeliner

A new trend in eye makeup is opening up the eyes with a bright white line. You’ll be able to use this technique by applying a thin line of white eyeliner at the outer edge of the lower lash line, then adding an even thinner layer of black eyeliner inside the white line.

Get the Look: Using NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil, White and This smudge proof eyeliner glides on effortlessly and lasts all day through heat and humidity no sad bleeding eyeliner here; Available in natural to bright shades, any eyeliner look is possible with our Retractable Eye Pencil.


The Thin Eyebrow Revival

Yes, they’re Back! While we thought Thin Eyebrows were left in the 80s with Low-Rises Jeans, it seems the Highly Controversial Style has made a ComeBack Just looking at Barbie Ferreira & Bella Hadid for Proof. Brow Experts say “Don’t go Crazy With Your Tweezer’s” instead try Faking the Outfit with strategically place Brow Pencil & Concealer.


The Kitten Eyeliner Technique

There really isn’t a right or wrong way to wear the “overblown” black eyeliners, so long as they’re fairly thin, but if you’re looking to add some color to your eyes, then we’d recommend choosing a darker shade instead.


Statement Eyes

It seems like everyone has been talking about eyeshadows lately. Glittery eyeshadows, eye makeup, and even glittery eyeliner are all popular trends for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Adorned features can be as simple as placing a single rhinestone on the inner corner of each eye, according to stylist Laura Lujan. Just apply a small dab of liquid eyelash adhesive and then gently push a gem onto the adhesive. You could start with something like a shimmering metallic shadow or bold, sparkly lipstick color if you want to add some edge to every day. This is a good tip for 2022 Fall Makeup Trends.


Smoky Eyes

It’s giving out late ‘90s Tom Ford for GQ. Smoky eye makeup from the ‘80s has made an unexpected comeback this fall, tempting women to channel their inner Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. To recreate this smoldering glamour, just take a creamy pencil shade and sweep it across your lids—it looks surprisingly easy!


Source: valuavitaly

Bold Blush

Gene thinks that bright and bold creams are the best way to achieve an over-blushed look. He says that the “over-blushed” look is popular on TikTok because of the relaunched version of Tarte’s Cheeck Stain Flushes.

Get the Look: Using, Beauty Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush (Happy) and Create a pinch-perfect flush using this featherweight formula infused with long-lasting pigments that last all day. Available in matte or dewy finishes, this liquid blush blends beautifully to create soft, buildable color with a natural, second-skin finish.


Cream Blush

Faux-suntan blush is still hot right now. According to Tobi Henney from Beautylish, using a cream blush on the cheeks is one of the easiest ways to create “the perfect summer glow” for yourself. She says there are so many fun colors to choose from including shades of pink and peach.

People will likely use creamy blushes throughout the year to get a natural flushy glow.

If you’re looking to change up your blushes, consider switching to a warm, peach-toned color. Pink blushes have been really popular in the past year, but I predict a shift toward peach shades in the this fall.


Terracotta Blush

Instead of buying expensive makeup products, go for something cheaper but more effective. Try using a red blush instead of coral, which makes your skin appear healthier. Or if you want to create an illusion of sunburn, just dab some colour under your eyes.


Elaborate Nails

Statement nails will always remain a hot trend for all times. Nail sticker designs and nail arts will be the main focus of your fingers as trends suggest that we’re going bare finger and sporting our claws creatively.


The Clean Makeup Aesthetic

There’s one more thing that I think will be a big aesthetic trend for 2022 Fall Makeup Trends: Freckle Trends. “Freckle trends” are definitely having an impact on the clean girl beauty look. It’s all about making sure your face looks naturally beautiful without any extra products. Instead of wearing a full foundation this summer, use a tinted moisturizer instead. Or, if necessary, use concealer. After applying concealer under the eyes, using a clear brow gel to fill in any sparse areas, then adding a touch of sheer pink lip gloss.

For more clean makeup advice, read our article: How to Get A Clean, Natural Makeup Look with Fewer Products?