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what is the karmic relationship

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

Is there such a thing as karma? The concept that what goes around eventually comes back around. You’re right. But don’t worry; everything you do has an impact on everyone around you. If you believe in karma, then you could say that the actions we take in this lifetime determine our future destinies. In this article, we will examine karmic relationships.

The idea of a “karma” or “cause and effect” relation­ship revolve around this feeling as well. Spirituality believes that our souls can be tied up together with other souls who are going to serve each other on the way they go through life. The concept behind these relationships is similar to that of “soulmate” or “twin flame”—terms that might be more familiar to you—but the ways they play out can be quite different and even potentially dangerous.

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  1. #1 Karmic Relationships
  2. #2 How Can You Tell If You’re In A Karmic Relationship?
  3. #3 Signals of a karmic relationship
    1. #3.1 It’s quite dramatic
    2. #3.2 You see warning signs
    3. #3.3 You don’t want them to be dependent on you
    4. #3.4 You’re not good at communicating
    5. #3.5 You’re passionate about your argument
  4. #4 How To Resolve Karmic Relationships?
    1. #4.1 Talk about how you feel
    2. #4.2 Begin working on independence now
    3. #4.3 Pick up hobbies
    4. #4.4 Look on the positive side
    5. #4.5 Give yourself some time
    6. #4.6 It may be difficult breakups and patch-ups
  5. #5 Communication Tips for Healthy Relationships
  6. #6 Karmic Partner, Soulmate, and Twin Flame

#1 Karmic Relationships

Did you ever meet someone you knew was a total, complete, utter, and absolute, but didn’t know for sure yet if they were friend or foe? Like an inexplicable feeling of deja vu. Some couples who meet for the first time describe their initial encounters as intensely powerful and magical. If they don’t stay close for long periods of time, however, their addiction becomes unhealthy, leading them to neglect other relationships in favor of staying close. This is karmic relationship.

Over the course of relationships, an initial interest may become intense, but eventually becomes volatile, jealous, or even rageful. Each party might be driven to cheat on their partner or hurt them physically before ending things with an explosive bang.

However, the underlying reasons for the problems remain unresolved. There is unfinished business. The quality of your first meeting at an event is always remembered, and the people involved will be drawn together until death. Either way, either engineered or coincidental. The pattern repeats itself with promises that this time things will turn out differently. Yet the volatility remains. Karmic relationships often go through cycles of attraction followed by infatuation and then boredom, which leads to arguments and fights.

If you’re spiritual, you might believe this is destiny at play, and for now, the pattern persists because neither soul understands why they are not together yet. You’re probably told the karmic relationship is presented as a test, so you can learn the lessons you must learn before you get back together with him/her again.

Even if they’re not aware of it, these behaviors can cause serious damage to their own mental health. It can be hard for friends and family members to see you fail. And if you find yourself in an unhealthy situation, then it’s important that you take every step you can to get out of it.

#2 How Can You Tell If You’re In A Karmic Relationship?

Of course, even if you’re romantically involved with someone for quite some time, there will occasionally be behaviors he exhibits that you don’t particularly like. Things sometimes get us down, making us feel bad for a while. It’s perfectly normal. With each phase of life comes new experiences and opportunities for us to grow together. Our relationship will always be changing and progressing too. However, if it is healthy, then you will be able to talk about your troubles more easily, share your feelings, and grow stronger together.

Karmic relationships differ from conventional ones in that the foundations for them haven’t been set up yet. If you see any of these signs, you may be in an unhealthy romantic/sexual karmic situation:

#3 Signals of a karmic relationship:

Thinking that you might be in a karmically-based relationship? That being said, this experience may differ from one individual to another. Fortunately, there are some common red flags that could be warning bells for you. Here are karmic relationship signs:

#3.1 It’s quite dramatic

Some relationships aren’t always smooth sailing. However, with a karmic relationship, you can expect constant ups and down just like a rollercoaster or an unstable general mood. It’s not smooth or calm, but it doesn’t necessarily mean things won’t get better. It might be difficult to tell whether someone has good intentions or not when they’re involved in a karmic partnership.

#3.2 You see warning signs

Karmic relationships tend to trigger warning signs. For instance, they often involve anger or even violence. The truth is that these passionate relations bring out the worst in everyone involved. It might be difficult for you to stop yourself from acting against your values, or from starting to act in ways that contradict your beliefs. When relationships between partners are fractious and difficult, they’re not healthy situations for both of them.

#3.3 You don’t want them to be dependent on you

It’s important to be aware of codependent emotions because they can cloud reality. However, it’s okay if you feel strong emotions toward someone who has hurt you in the past. As you get closer to connecting with this new person, it may be difficult to avoid spending time with them. It’s quite likely that both parties will feel some kind of emotion. If you end up neglecting your own life and other important relationships because you’re obsessed with seeing this particular individual, then it may mean that there is something seriously wrong with that relationship. Have healthy relationships so that both people feel comfortable taking the time they need for themselves.

#3.4 You’re not good at communicating

To have a successful relationship, communication must be at its core. If you’re in a kamma (karma) relationship, then you will probably be struggling to understand one another. It’s likely that miscommunications will be a pretty frequent theme during your relationship. As an example, you may argue about small and seemingly unimportan­t issues with your partner. You may not be able to tell if you’re doing well or poorly with someone without knowing how they feel about you.

#3.5 You’re passionate about your argument

If you argue with this person, you’re like an atomic explosion going off. It might happen that these arguments spring up unexpectedly between you and someone else. Don’t be surprised if one or both of you crosses the line during arguments. Your disagreements could easily turn into arguments or even worse. Also, the disagreement may be rapidly moved from one topic to another. It would not have been worth bringing up in the first place.

#4 How To Resolve Karmic Relationships?

A karmic relationship is a relationship where one or both members know each other from past lives. Karma plays an important role in human existence because we are connected to our pasts by karmas from previous lifetimes. And sometimes it’s hard to let go of the bad things from the past.

It’s always good to know when you’re in a karmic situation, but understanding it helps you better deal with it. Here are some suggestions on how you might deal with these kinds of karmic relationships:

#4.1 Talk about how you feel

Discussing issues with others helps us understand ourselves better and enables us to deal with them appropriately. If they’re not talked about, then they’ll increase until they become an issue for you and your partner. Then there may be a fight or argument. It might help your mental health.

When people don’t let themselves deal with their emotions at the time they’re feeling them, this can lead to some pretty big troubles later on down the road.

Talking to friends or family members is an easy way to break the connection. Furthermore, the need for professional help in the healing process may arise because of karmic relationship.

It may seem like these types of relationships start out as healthy and even long term at first, but they eventually turn into unhealthy relationships. If you’re struggling with something stressful, talk to someone else who has been through similar experiences. They might be able to offer advice or share their own.

#4.2 Begin working on independence now

It usually means stepping out of our roles as partners and developing our own separate selves – even if we’re not really ready for that yet.

An example of this would be if one partner was always the one who initiated planning but the other always agreed. If this pattern persisted, it may require some adjustment so that both partners could initiate planning themselves.

#4.3 Pick up hobbies

If you’re open to new experiences, when you’re karmically in a relationship, you can easily get bored with your current partner. So explore different things you might enjoy doing – not just for yourself but because a hobby might be good fun for both of you and it could even be an interesting new way to spend time together.

#4.4 Look on the positive side

Whenever you feel upset about something—especially when you’re angry at someone—try taking a few moments to consider whether there’s anything good about it.

If your partner just got mad because you didn’t answer your phone when they called, he might be angry because he thought something bad had happened to you.

He or she may be angry at you for some reason — perhaps he or she has been working through stress and just needs a good cry.

It’s easy to become angry and lash out when feeling mistreated; however, by taking a moment to understand why another person might be acting the way they are and forgiving them, we make it much easier to let go of any anger we may have toward them and continue moving forward.

#4.5 Give yourself some time

Karmic relationships has a tendency of coming back to you in unexpected ways at times when you least expect it.

Remember that every time you get frustrated or angry at yourself, this relationship is teaching you something new.

You firstly have to set aside some time for yourself. If someone hurts you, it is natural for you to want them out of your business right away. However, if you leave before you’re ready, you might miss out an opportu­nity for success.

#4.6 It may be difficult breakups and patch-ups

Karma is one of the hardest relationship types to maintain. It’s so hard, because it isn’t a romantic relationship that is built on true affection, but instead a friendship formed by our shared history. When two people come into contact with one another in their current life, they are often connected by past lives.

They have had a previous relationship, but there is unfinished business between them from their past lives.This could be anything such as fighting, arguing, or something similar. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were in a romantic relationship or even know each other at all, just that they may have been involved in a previous encounter that led to their meeting today.

One of the main difficulties with Karmic Relationsships is that if you don’t like the way someone behaves, you can never make them behave differently because you can’t control their thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, or personalities. If you don’t take action now, then things might not turn out okay later.

If at some point your relationships needs to work well for both parties, then both parties need to invest some energy into trying to make them work better.

#5 Communication Tips for Healthy Relationships

  1. Being able to create a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings is an important part of having a healthy relationship.
  2. Healthy communication is both positive and encouraging. It expresses personal opinions, feelings, experiences, and thoughts.
  3. When we communicate effectively, we focus on positive changes and outcomes rather than negative judgments, criticisms, and blame.
  4. Communication is important for both parties involved in any relationship. It helps define the way forward and express confidence in reaching an agreement.
  5. When communicating effectively, part of it is recognizing nonverbal cues. It’s important to be aware of your body language when communicating.
  6. Be careful not to show any form of hostility toward them during an honest conversation. If they’re upset at something you’ve done, then don’t take their anger personally.
  7. Creating a relationship built on good communication requires each person to actually pay attention to what the other has been trying to tell them.
  8. To be effective at this, you must keep your attention focused on the other person and not think about what you’re gonna say next.

If you are determined to contribute to your relationship from different angles, you can take a look at the suggestions I have prepared as a long-term person in the “How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner – Relationship Advice | Part -1” article.

#6 Karmic Partner, Soulmate, and Twin Flame

It’s no secret that most people know karmic, soulmate, or twin flame relationships; however, some may be unaware of these concepts. A relationship with someone who is not your twin soul is similar to having multiple romantic partners at once. They may come in the shape of friendships, families, and sometimes even business partnerships. But in general, if you’re looking for something long-term, then the idea of soulmates might be helpful. While all of these things are important for connecting with our soul mates, having a relationship with a karmic significant other has a negative connota­tion attached.

You need to focus on another person’s energies when trying to figure out whether they’re your karmic partner, soulmate, or twin flame. Negative energy is abundant when we are in a karmic relationship. The relationship between two people who are soulmates experiences great calmness when both parties are willing to communicate openly and honestly. Twin flames are unique because they share an intense emotional attachment with one another, they feel passionate for each other, and are comfortable together. A twin­fire relationship takes two people who may be at different stages of life and helps them advance spiritually by taking them forward together. Together, these two people are the other half of each other’s souls, and they can help one another achieve their dreams.

It’s not always a good idea for two people who share significant similarities to get together. Some people exist just to learn lessons from our mistakes; they’re not there for any real purpose. Other people are really there to teach us about friendships and peace.