How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner – Relationship Advice | Part -1

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As a woman with a long and regular relationship, I found the right to say a few words about maintaining a relationship. The concept of relationship cannot be reduced to a definition as simple as two people being affected by each other, and only a strong and abstract factor such as love is not the only thing that makes a relationship a relationship. Mutual feelings, understanding, respect, love…

When they come together, they create intense bursts of love and a beautiful relationship. But what should one pay attention to, what should one do in order to maintain a relationship? Here are my humble relationship advice(s).

Content of Article:

  1. #1 Create Common Space
  2. #2 Take A Constructive – Not Destructive Attitude In Fights
  3. #3 Always Take Care of Each Other
  4. #4 More Date
  5. #5 Give Each Other Little Surprises

#1 Create Common Space

Your boyfriend might like documentaries and software, and you might enjoy magazines, gossip, and watching things that don’t bother you in your spare time. That doesn’t mean you can’t be together or keep the relationship going. Even if you don’t like each other’s interests, you can give a chance to the things he likes. The Steve Jobs documentary may be extraordinarily boring for you, but one day a week can be traded to watch disney princesses. You don’t have to adapt yourself to what he likes, create a common space. Whether you watch TV shows, movies or play board games that appeal to both of you, a book to read and critique will also work. Lots of topics to talk about will arise spontaneously. Creating a common space both keeps your relationship fresh and increases what you can share.

I have a nice relationship advice to create a common space in your home. Creating a library corner. With this very fun method, you can contribute to your relationship both during and after. Check out our article for more information: How to Create the Perfect Reading Corner?

#2 Take A Constructive – Not Destructive Attitude In Fights

Arguments are inevitable in a relationship, and if you’re lucky, these discussions will connect you even more and make your boundaries clearer. In each new discussion, we come across different ideas or an area that should not be touched. Taking the easy way out is to bring up a break in every discussion (we all know this is an alternative to ending the relationship) or ending the relationship. Mature and loving people should calm down at this point and think about the value they give each other and their lives without that person. Ending a relationship is a decision we can make with our hearts, not just with our tongues.

That’s why we have to think carefully about the consequences. Problems can be solved by talking, strong communication and empathy make everything better. What should we do so that this question does not come to the fore in the continuation of our relationship, how can we solve it now, what broke me are constructive sentences, and both parties can prove the value they attach to the relationship by tidying up their behavior according to the answers they receive.

#3 Best Relationship Advice: Always Take Care of Each Other

Interest is the foundation of a relationship. What did you eat for dinner today, did you take your medicine, cover yourself up, don’t be sick.. Hearing such sentences makes me feel very valuable in the eyes of the person in front of me. Talk about how your day went, give details. Share everything from the YouTube video you watch to the Twitter content you see. As someone who believes that there should be no tactics in a relationship, I find it against the logic of a pure relationship to keep your life a secret or to play chase and escape in order to appear mysterious to your lover.

Of course, you will send good night messages, talk about everything from health problems to your family, and you will see and know each other in every way. There is nothing wrong with sharing a lot, talking a lot, listening a lot, sending good messages to each other in a relationship.

#4 More Date

It will be good for both of you to socialize and talk more and get away from your phone and work! While preparing for a romantic dinner is incredibly enjoyable, imagine discovering new dishes together and chatting while sipping your drink. Your atmosphere will change! Go to the museum together, go on a picnic, arrange a taboo night with your friends, go to a concert, have a barbecue, swim, draw… even a coffee outside while sitting at home will do you good. Everyday life is already tiring and boring enough, don’t be afraid to have fun with your lover and try new things together.

Let me give you a good relationship advice. Feeling your hair beautiful while going to Date will give you self-confidence. Here is an article for you: What is Best Way to Use Olaplex No.0 and Olaplex No.3? (A Wonderful Hair Care Combination for Home)

#5 Give Each Other Little Surprises

It’s so sweet to gift your girlfriend something that was mentioned in between conversations, and to get her something that you know she needs. Even saying I bought it after seeing it outside and thinking you might like it makes me melt. It is actually both fun and easy to keep the relationship alive with such little surprises. Giving an underlined book as a gift, preparing an album of your photos together, cooking a favorite dish… There are so many ways to show the value you give to the person in front of you, as long as you ask for it!

#6 Conclusion

By applying these advices in my own relationship, we can keep ourselves warm. Of course we fight sometimes, but our love for each other and our faith in our relationship always keep us together.

Having problems in relationships is quite normal, if you really love and want to create a future, instead of giving up quickly, follow the advice like here and here. It will be really useful.