How to Romanticise School? Top 5 Ways to Love School

How to Romanticise School? Top 5 Ways to Love School

As the fall semester approaches, one thing I know is that most of us do not enjoy doing homework or taking time for classes, seeing school as a responsibility and duty. This is reflected in everything from our reluctant waking up in the morning to failing our exam results. Academic success is everything, girls! When you manage to romanticise school and make the lessons and environment enjoyable, school will no longer be a necessity but a valuable tool for your goals. Here are 5 ways to romanticize school.



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  1. Take cute notes
  2. Join clubs and teams
  3. Study at cafe
  4. Read a book
  5. Imagine yourself as the ‘main character’


Take cute notes

Using colored pencils, post-its or shaped tapes while taking notes awakens the determination to work. There’s a big difference between drafting and working on a meticulously written note, and working on a boring note written with a uniform pen whose title and content are indistinguishable! If you have a fast-paced teacher, it doesn’t matter if it’s just pencil notes at the beginning. When you come home, you can write these notes on a clean paper in a fancy and intriguing way, and you can repeat the lesson and provide permanent learning. This way that I suggest best way how to romanticise school.



Join clubs and teams

Socializing and making friends is the best thing to make school bearable. Making and meeting new friends, participating in activities that suit your interests, going on various excursions, participating in sports clubs will allow you to have different experiences and have fun. If you are a shy person, it will be even more beneficial for you and you can overcome this shyness and feel more comfortable in the crowd. Remember, school is not just about lessons, it’s the main place where you can make lifelong friends and discover yourself.


Study at cafe

If the school environment is not conducive to working, you cannot focus at home and things have become boring for you, you can do study dates. Working with a drink or dessert in the cafe will open your mind and a change of environment will do you good. This activity, which will become even more enjoyable with a friend with whom you can work together and make up for your deficiencies, will increase your motivation and you will see that you can both discover new places and study more efficiently over time. Go and get yourself a place in this period when library type cafes are becoming more common! This one of them best way how to romanticise school.


Read a book

I know it sounds simple, but reading books is a great hobby that will improve your vocabulary and vision of life, as well as help you form more precise sentences. Beyond your hobby, you can immerse yourself in reading on the public transportation vehicles you use to go to school, during lunch breaks and during breaks, and you can both explore different worlds and spend your free time in the most enjoyable way. There really is no time or place to improve yourself. Classics or teenage books… whatever you read, it’s enough to appeal to you.


Imagine yourself as the ‘main character’

We all know Rory Gilmore or Blair Waldorf. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like them or walking into school with badass music and feeling like we’re on the podium with everyone watching us! You are the protagonist of your own story. As long as you stay away from the drama, make sure you have fun and feel like you’re in the script.


Don’t force yourself to love school to romanticise school, just follow a few simple steps and enjoy!

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