Style Guide for Hot Girls | Coquette Style – Part 1

Although elegance is a fashion on its own, Coquette style, an aesthetic fashion trend in which it has become a lifestyle and style, is almost blended with elegance! Although it looks nostalgic in appearance, this trend, which has recently become a trend on TikTok, has reached approximately 650M views and has become an agenda. (Also called “Dollette” in trend.)

  • What is Coquette Style?
  • Where Does the Coquette Style Come From?
  • Coquette Style Accessories
  • More Than One Style

What is Coquette Style?

We can describe the coquette as “flirtatious woman”. We can include everything that is aesthetic, elegant, feminine in this group. Lace blouses where femininity is intensely felt, old tight corsets, mini skirts, very pointed knit heels, various pearl jewelry, suspenders are just some of the different alternatives that can be found in your wardrobe in coquette style. The coquette style is actually about experiencing extreme femininity as a whole and romanticizing old hot summer days, nostalgia.

Where Does the Coquette Style Come From?

The coquette style started with the modernization trends of the old centuries. We can say that the coquette style was inspired by aesthetic styles such as royalcore. When we examine our recent age, we see a style in which the coquette style is tried to be kept alive in the 50s and 60s. Natalie Portman in Black Swan in particular has become an icon of the Lana Del Rey coquette style in the Vintage Americana era of the 2010s. I think the reason why she became so famous recently started with Cassie in Euphoria. This character, which appears with a soft, elegant appearance, has blended traditional fashion trends with the past period.

Coquette Style Accessories

Now that we understand the main trend definition, we can also examine the coquette style accessories. We can reflect the intense femininity movement of the coquette style to our style with accessories. Heart-shaped sunglasses, heavy or elegant pearl earrings, pearl clasps, jewelery containing intense gold, hair bows, mini skirts, frilly high socks, thin or thick pointed heels are the most well-known and powerful accessories of the coquette style.

Without forgetting, if you are fond of coquette style, you should also make sure that your make-up is natural, moist and soft.

More Than One Style

The coquette style does not represent intense femininity, sexualization of the innocence inherent in women. Rather, it represents embracing femininity in shades of elegance. For this reason, coquette is the woman’s love of herself in intense female feelings. It is a lifestyle, a woman’s care for herself, her love for herself. It is the power of woman.

We are starting a series about this inspiring style, stay tuned for our next articles.

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