Style Guide for Hot Girls | Fairycore Style – Part 1

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I will talk about another trend that has been popular lately. This trend is the Fairycore style, which developed with a mixture of Cottagecore and Goblincore trends and is growing fast on TikTok. Who wouldn’t want to make a big impact on your daily style by making small changes to your wardrobe? That’s why Fairycore became popular because it’s an aesthetic trend that we can all use and easily implement. In particular, this trend has more than one direction, including looking evil, being charming, and being happy.

Fairycore is also an unlimited stream, so once you understand the main topic, you can make as many changes as you want and create your own rules. Let’s take a look at the details of this wonderful and special trend.

What is Fairycore?

Fairycore style grows by bringing the magic of nature into contact with ourselves, allowing us to see the magic between what nature offers us. It is inspired by magic. Gentle furry animals, soft colors, sparkling rivers, dragonflies, butterflies… Pastel colors, which are trending lately and in my opinion, fit perfectly with the Fairycore aesthetic.

I think hot girls have a lot of inspiration from Fairycore aesthetics. Who doesn’t love magic series? We all still remember those wonderful magic cartoons we watched when we were little. There is always some point in our imagination to be magic. Here, with Fairycore aesthetics, we can actually realize this dream of being magic.

Everyone’s dream is very different, so is everyone’s magic. Therefore, with Fairycore aesthetics, you can adapt to what you want to be, what kind of magic you want to create. There is no limit, you can create your own Fairycore aesthetic in many different ways. Because in this fashion trend, you don’t need to connect with the real world, you will be so hot that you will blow your magic away. Fairycore provides the opportunity to be fairies living in this world but belonging to another world.

Fairycore Style Fashion:

I stated that the Fairycore aesthetic reflects the magic in nature onto us. There are many elements in this fairy style that are different from other similar fashion trends. For example, according to the dark academia trend, you can’t just be plain, you can’t stay neutral. To belong to this trend, you must want a magical simplicity.

On the other hand, you should not confuse another natural trend, Cottagecore aesthetics, and Fairycore aesthetics. Of course, fairies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures and fascinate everyone. Fairies belong to nature. That’s why the main component of the Fairycore aesthetic is nature, but fairies are fascinating. So they take the enchanting side of nature, they take the flower of nature, the light-reflected rivers flowing through the hills. Cottagecore, on the other hand, is fed by the aesthetics of farm life.

For this aesthetic, you should add to your wardrobe the mysterious elements that you dreamed of, watched or read as a child, they should add romance, softness, charm and a little bit of weirdness to you. With your appearance, you must make it feel that fairies actually exist and roam among the earthlings.

Fairycore Style Items:

You can add the following items to your collections for this trend:

  • Ribbons and bows that will make people feel like you are a gift,
  • Transparent fabric and attractive lace that will reveal your inner beauty,
  • Open-toed and thin shoes, sometimes just slippers or nudity,
  • Pretty mini skirts,
  • Knee high socks, (torn knee high socks)
  • Worn, messy or quick plaited loose hairstyles, buns,
  • Pastel colored nail polishes,
  • Extremely long gold necklaces, bracelets and opal rings,
  • Gorgeous wire-rimmed glasses,
  • Long hoodies.

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