The World’s Best Products for Hot Girl Lips: Glossier Balm Dotcom (After Your BF)

Who is Glossier?

Glossier, Inc., started its life in 2014 with the Into The Gloss site, where it promotes the products or services they love, and adds inspiration and information to people, thinking that beauty cannot be designed only behind closed doors. Glossier is no longer just a brand of recommendations and sharing. Now, in their own words, they are establishing “the beauty company of the future, where everything starts with people”.

One of the main trends of the company is creating products according to people’s wants, needs and reactions. Gloosier, Inc. believes that beauty is about having fun, talking and thinking. Carefully perfected skin care, make-up, body care and fragrance products are the main product categories in which they are assertive.

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Why Should I Choose Glossier Balm Dotcom?

The thing I like most about Glossier balm dotcom is its minimalist designs that are not boring and look aesthetically pleasing despite being simple. Their appearance is really cute and when you see the photo of the product for the first time, it is quite possible that you will react “what the hell is this sweet product”.

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If you have dry lips, chapped lips, very unstable to cold weather or pale in color, these glosses, which make your natural color clear when you apply and feel like they are extremely moisturizing and forming a barrier, are really worth carrying with you. If you want, you can apply it to your lips that need hydration from night to day and wake up with moist and lively lips in the morning.

Products are more suitable for creating a more natural and lively look, not for heavy and exaggerated make-up. You should definitely give it a chance to use it in Clean Girl makeup.

Glossier also did a good job with the scent of the balm. No matter what flavor you are taking, you are really smelling and savoring that aroma. Not feeling like you’re eating a lousy, artificial chemical >>

Moreover, we all know the feeling of sticking to the lip when you go out in a windy weather with lip glosses. The Glossier never leaves a sticky and disgusting feeling, on the contrary, it feels really moist and wonderful!

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Lists of Best Ever Products

It comes in 8 different varieties:

  • Original – fragrance free + untinted,
  • Birthday – untinted + subtle shimmer,
  • Rose – barely there pink tint,
  • Cherry – sheer red tint,
  • Mint – untinted, cooling,
  • Coconut – untinted,
  • Mango – sheer coral tint,
  • Berry – sheer berry tint.

You should visit the Glossier website to find these great products!

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