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what hair color fits me

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Are you tired of being told to dye your hair every year? Are you sick of going through the same old boring hair colors? If yes, then stop waiting and start changing your hair color today!

Hair coloring has become a huge trend across the globe, and no longer does it consist of only blonde or brown shades. Today, people are experimenting with new ways to spice up their look. Hair dyes come in a wide variety, from black to blue, red, purple, green, yellow, and even pink. The options seem endless, but finding the perfect shade can be tricky.

Don’t let your hair go gray. There are lots of great hair colors out there, and they don’t necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars at salons and spas. Go for something bold, funky, or classic. Just remember to experiment until you find the perfect match.

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Firstly, How to Find Your Skin Tone?

You first need to identify your skin’s undertone before choosing a color for your hair. There are three main types of people: warm, cool, and neutral. It may be hard to figure out whether your skin tone falls into one category or another, but there are some tricks to help you get an idea:

  1. Look for specific colors, such as cool-toned skins having blue and olive undertones and warm toned skins having yellow and gold undertones.
  2. When choosing an outfit for a special occasion, match yourself with someone who has similar skin and eyeshadow colors to yours. It’ll help you get a good sense of how the color will actually look on your skin.
  3. Look at your right wrist. You’ll notice pinkish skin, reddish skin, blueish skin, greenish skin, and yellowish skin. Vein color is an excellent way to determine whether you’re cool or warm toned. If your vein color is blue or purple, you are likely cool-toned; if your vein color is green, you are warm.
  4. If you’ve got yellow specks in your eye, chances are your undertones are warm. But if you have lots of reds and greens, you’re probably cool.

Choose a color that’s opposite from your natural skin tone. For example, people with warmer skin tones may choose a cooler color, and people with cooler skin tones may choose a warmer color. If you have neutral-colored skin, you’re lucky; everything looks good on you.

If you are tired of constantly asking yourself what hair color fits me, continue reading the article.


Fair Skin With Warm Undertones

A celebrity: Hanne Gaby Odiele

Shades include: Platinum, Ice, Silver, Ash, Sand, Beige, Champagne

For whom it’s best suited: Cool blondes are great for porcelain skin tones with blue or violet undertone skin because they help to neutralise redness. And, a cool ash blond looks great against blue or gray eye colors.

Medium Skin With Warm Undertones

A celebrity: Miranda Kerr

Shades include: Dark chocolate, Chestnut, Dark auburn, Mocha

For whom it’s best suited: Brown is usually flattering because it works for most skin tones. However, a cool brown tone can look particularly stunning on those with warm skins, as it makes yellow tones appear creamier. For those with darker skin tones, lightening from black into a rich, warm, mocha tone can give an amazing, soft glow.

Deep Skin With Warm Undertones

Shades include: Caramel, Golden Brown, Butterscotch

For whom it’s best suited: For warm deep color, use warm brown colors to highlight your complexion natural depth. If your hair is already blond, then use shades of caramel. And Cool.

Complexion. Different skin tones and hair colors of women. Fair, medium, olive, deep

Fair Skin With Cool Undertones

Shades include: Gold, Caramel, Amber, Honey, Butterscotch

For whom it’s best suited: Fair skin with cool undertones looks best with warm colors like strawberry blonde, light brown, golden, and red. It’s important to note that these shades may look best on people with olive skin tones. A washed out shade can wash you out. For those who have dark skin, if you’re looking for a low-to-medium impact color, go for a brownish red.

Also, for women with very warm complexions, cool shades work best. Yellow tones may be problematic if they’re too warm (i.e., look orange). Cool shades will probably work better on women with cooler complexions.

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Medium Skin With Cool Undertones

A celebrity: Jamie Chung

Shades include: Caramel, Honey, Golden Brown, Amber, Mahogany, Cinnamon

For whom it’s best suited:

Experts suggests using shades from this particular colour range for people with medium-skinned complexions, but warns against choosing colours that match their complexion too closely, since they might end up looking washed out. Expert says that caramel browns suit better than darker hues because they contrast well with light-toned skins. A natural root or base that has been dyed black looks really beautiful when combined with a pale pinkish tone.

Deep Skin With Cool Undertones

A celebrity: Lupita Nyong’o

Shades include: Dark Mocha, Brown Black, Deep Black

For whom it’s best suited: Adding cool black shades looks great on dark skin, but adding choco­laty colors is also a nice way of warming up the skin.


Fair Skin With Neutral Undertones

A celebrity: Jessica Chastain

Shades include: Strawberry Blonde, Copper, Amber, Rust, Russet

For whom it’s best suited:

Strawberry blond women look best on fair and neutral skin colors. Tell your colorist to combine cool and warm tones to create a creamy but warm tone with a hint of gold. You can use a light, warm shade of pink for counteracting cooler shades. If you want to go for a deeper red, avoid these colors because they make your complexion appear greenish. Instead, opt for a warmer, brown-toned auburn color.

Medium Skin With Neutral Undertones

A celebrity: Bella Hadid

Shades include: True Black, Espresso, Blue Black, Licorice

For whom it’s best suited: Black isn’t just a single note; different shades and highlights give it depth and dimension. For those with fair, cool toned skins, this particular shade reads too harsh on them. However, for those with warm or neutral tones, it has a dramatic porcelain effect on their complexions.

Deep Skin With Neutral Undertones

Shades include: Auburn Red, Reddish Brown, Chestnut

For whom it’s best suited: Neutral undertones look good on everyone, regardless of their complexion. A warm tone like a reddish brown or a deep brown works well for most people.

If you are tired of constantly asking yourself what hair color fits me, continue reading the article.

What Makes Me Suited for Winter Hair Colours?

  1. Typically, winter colors have shades of blue and greens for their eye color and super dark browns and blacks for their skin tone.
  2. You prefer to wear sterling rather than gold jewellery because you think it looks better.
  3. Cooler skin with pink undertones.
  4. Your best colors for dressing up are white, black, brown, navy, mustard, or burgundy.
  5. You’re not likely to get tanned easily.
  6. Your hair color may be different from your skin tone.
  7. You probably were born with dark hair.

Best Tips

  • Think about what you’re looking for from your new hair color – do you just need something different than everyone else or do you prefer to fit in?
  • Before deciding on a particular type and color of glasses, ask friends and family for their opinions.
  • Make sure you don’t neglect the maintenance! If the roots show up after two weeks, book an early visit with your stylists.
  • Before choosing a new color for your wardrobe, make sure to consider whether it will clash with any colors already present in your clothing collection.
  • Choose a hairstyle that matches your skin tone, eye colors, and personal style.
  • You can choose any shade that suits you best. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

As Finally, 

If you have cool undertones:

  • You’re blushing right now.
  • You’re pale or pink.
  • You’re probably drawn to jewel and pastel colors because they look good.
  • You look great wearing pearls and sterling jewellery.
  • The color orange makes you feel sick and doesn’t suit you.
  • Your wrists have blue veins instead of green ones.

If you have warm undertones:

  • Your natural hair has red or gold tones.
  • You have golden, tan, or olive colored hair.
  • You look really good in gold jewellery.
  • Your veins look green but they’re actually blue.
  • Bright colors look best on you.

Now there is a resource you can read when you ask yourself what hair color fits me.